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The RBC Heritage. Best Sign Holder ever.

What's new? It's a question we are all getting these days. What's new in the shop? New with the course set up? New on the menu?

We're getting it too here at our CGT Events office.

All of us hope we have a good answer to that question - which is tough because it comes at us every spring. Every single Spring. Well, we all do our best.

I'll guarantee you that the Professional Golf Tour's Tournament Director's are getting the same question from their sponsors. What's new? How are you going to showcase my brand and my logo even better this year. Like I mentioned - tough question to face year after year.

No worries this week at Harbour Town. Nothing new at all. Just like they like it. A plaid jacket and a Lighthouse.

But the Lighthouse!! That wonderful, awesome Lighthouse perched in perfect eyeline behind the 18th hole.

Best Sign Holder in the Business.

Gotta get me one of those somehow.

Yeah, they've got all the high-level great sign stuff handled at Hilton Head this week - as they should and as they always do so well.

But It's that Lighthouse that makes all the noise and attracts all the attention.

What a good sign should do.

As I always say, a golf course is perfect for logo presentation and image recollection. Why do you think these big tournaments go over the top dressing the place up top-to-bottom each week?

Now I just need to figure out how to get that Lighthouse to where I want it!!!!

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