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Gifting & Prizing
We like to call it Product Pairing because this can never be an area that veers away from the style and tone of the day you’ve built. Every event is a huge puzzle board with all the pieces needing to fit just right - for the golfers, as well as for you and your sponsors.
Of course, this is the piece of that puzzle that ends up in the backseat of all the cars pulling out at the end of the day.
This decision can add a long connection from your hard work into the lives of your guests. Let us help. We’ve seen the pairings that work best, and we have the supplier connections to bring you the right options within the guidelines you provide.

Where your branding meets all those personality preferences.

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Enjoy our access. 
With over 6000 completed events, we’ve built many vendor and manufacturer partnerships along the way and achieved top reseller stature with many. Let us welcome you to our world of wider selections and less order rigidity. 
Contact us to explore specific Manufacturers or specific pieces.
Send an email to Tim Green and get the conversation started.


If wearables and clothing aren't your choice this year - it’s time to consider the lifestyle equation for your guests.

This is where true quality, timely fashion, and current trends meet to bring that 
one-of-a kind item into your gifting life cycle.

From traditional to modern. From footwear to eyewear.
Explore your options contact Tim Green 
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Brandable considerations. Let’s discuss the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, and why’s of branding applications to gifting options.
There’s a ton of items and places that could house your logo. Let us help you navigate this big space. Contact Tim Green to start the search.
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