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The Eyes Have It

Golf has gotten even MORE visual.

Our game has always been, mostly, a visual one. We don’t chip ‘n chase or execute pick & rolls. We don’t Feel the defence and call audibles.

We watch. That's what we do. Now, more than ever before.

Of course, like any other discussion topic comparing current times to previous versions, this has been affected by the internet, by social communities and by the almighty power of YouTube. We do indeed watch.

Sure, we always have, but we used to do more than just that. Harvey Penick sold a lot of books. Harvey asked us to think. To consider. To imagine. To personalize.

Of course, Harvey didn’t teach in a time when the perfect golf swing existed in 3-D modeling and 360 degree surround motion graphics at 1/64th Slo-Mo playback. We watch more than we used to – indeed we do. It's pretty cool.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love a good Harvey Penick tale and I’ve read Michael Murphy’s Golf in the Kingdom book many times. Shivas Irons fascinates me. No video of Shivas by the way.

Signs are visual. Signage is a visual language. I love this about golf. The high-finance sponsors of PGA Tour events love this about golf. The money-making equipment manufacturers love this about golf.
Could it really be this simple? Get them while they’re in full-blown visual mode? Absolutely. Give them something to look at!!

Golfers left their 3-second attention time span at the gate. They are all-in to switch gears. No more spreadsheets for the day and the last conference call was wrapped up on the drive over.

Let’s Get Visual. I’ve had a certain tune in my head ever since I wrote down those 3 words. Let’s Get Visual.  

I simply ask for you to contemplate this thoroughly. They’re right there in front of you! For 5 hours with a smile on their face and eyes wide-open. When you have fish in a fishbowl – what they get to eat is entirely up to you.

Let’s feed them the visual meal they are ready for – that they are actually looking for. Signage & communication & colour & tee blocks & pin flags & banners & height & fabric.

Build the meal you want to feed them. Every tournament has a story and you have a happily attentive audience.

If you haven’t initiated an advanced plan for signage & visual communication at your tournament – call me for a consult.

We’ve seen it all. We have 6,000 tournaments in our rearview mirror. There are no angles we haven’t help pitch and no story that we can’t elevate.

Let’s get excited about your next steps.  or 416-300-2075 


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