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Since 1991 CGT has assisted corporations, associations and charities with their corporate event. The formula for our success is simple…be unique/creative, provide quality products, offer fair pricing and we treat our customers as the most important people to our business.




Founded in 1991 by President Dave Valcourt, the companies’ foundation began by offering organizations full management services for their events. From Halifax to Victoria CGT managed charity golf tournaments to corporately hosted ones, CGT quickly became the leader in golf event services in Canada. In 1999, CGT pioneered dynamic digital presentations to the golf tournament industry. This technology was showcased on televisions and projectors which allowed events to now showcase broadcast quality videos, corporate messages as well as photographs of the participants throughout the day. This service changed the way golf tournaments were able to enhance the sponsors and participants overall experience.




Since 1991, we have been providing services and products to over 5700 successful corporate events & golf tournaments we have lead the industry in:

  • Seamless, efficient pre-event and day-of logistics management
  • High quality, high exposure on-course and clubhouse digital and static signage solutions
  • Interesting and challenging on-course, day-of golf activities
  • High-quality food, beverage and entertainment experiences
  • Unique image/brand enhancing gifting opportunities

CGT is constantly changing to meet our client’s needs by providing new and innovative ways to plan, promote, manage and evaluate events and will always be recognized as the industry leader in corporate golf events.

It is our Mission to provide the customer with an event that is consistent with their industry image.

Above all, CGT prides itself on providing the highest standards of personal client service.




Forging long term alliances with industry leaders is a testament to the business relations and business ethics CGT has cultivated over the years. It is a testament to the people who work for CGT. Our success has been built on providing and developing industry leading services, implementing and executing detailed processes and ensuring customer satisfaction with quality minded personnel.